Bedtime Conversations with a Minecraft Expert

Cross posted on Holtspeak’s COETAIL Advenure

This evening as I was putting my son to bed I had a question for him.  “Did you know there are horses in Minecraft and you can ride them?”  “Yes”, he says.  “But I need a saddle to ride one and I can’t craft one.”  He then proceeds to tell me that I need to find a zombie spawner.  Often beside zombie spawners you’ll find chests full of stuff.  This was my best option to find a saddle.  “Well”, I said. “I also need to make a lead to lead the horse anywhere.

Slimeball Screenshot by Holtspeak
Screenshot by Holtspeak

The crafting instructions say I need string and a slimeball to make one.  Where do I get a slimeball?”  “Dad!  You have to spawn slime, and then kill it to get a slimeball! If you want string just kill a spider.  You know how spiders have string inside them?! Right?” “Ok, but spiders are hard to kill, and I always end up dead when one finds me.”  ” No, Dad!  Kill one in the daytime, they are way easier to kill and don’t do as much damage.”

At this point my wife called from the other room that it was late and time to turn out the light.  My source had been cut off!

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