Extinguishing the Garbage Fire

For some, it may be as simple as turning off the wifi and escaping this mess, but as educators we cannot. The students under our care live and breathe in digital spaces, and despite the belief held by some that they are digital natives and have it all sorted, they are in fact roaming in an unprecedented space.

Global Citizenship Education or Elite Reproduction?

After more than a decade working in international schools and living and working with expatriates from all walks of life in three different countries, it would be easy to see why I could define myself as a global citizen. Furthermore, the International Baccalaureate (IB) schools that I’ve had the privilege of working in promote their…

A Podcast: The Maker Hour

This is a podcast created for a curriculum leadership as a part of my Master’s in Education course work. It describes a curriculum in action project I’ve been working on. References ***Correction: At 4:17 in the podcast the speaker refers to Prensky (2007). This should state Prensky (2014).

Know when to forget and when to remember

There is little doubt that there is a need for transformation in our teaching in learning in 2019, but change makers need to be smart about their relationship with the past, and they need to know when to forget and when to remember…

Zen-i-fy Your Presentation Style

If you’re interested in improving your presentation style watch the embedded slide deck and remember:
tell a story that will connect with your audience
use high quality images that are free to use and share
minimize your use of text