Zen-i-fy Your Presentation Style

If you’re interested in improving your presentation style watch the embedded slide deck and remember:
tell a story that will connect with your audience
use high quality images that are free to use and share
minimize your use of text

Amplifying Student Passion: An interview with two connected kids

This post is the the final project for An Introduction to 21st Century Teaching and Learning for my MEd at UPEI in Leadership and Learning. Introduction There is a constant concern as an educator and a parent as to whether or not we are managing the internet generation’s use of technology effectively. We are worried…

Shift: A Final Reflection

As I sit and reflect after reading the final chapter of Alan November’s Digital Learning Farm, one thing comes to mind:  paradigm shift.  November gives a lot examples of teachers using forms of technology to reshape their classrooms, but really what is happening is that teachers are shifting from a traditional approach to a new hands…

Harnessing the Power of the “Share Button”

I believe the power and significance of the student as a Global Communicator and Collaborator is summed up in the following quote; “Everyday I have to decide if I will write for my teachers or publish to the world” Eighth grader talking about whether she will do her homework, or continue her work as a…

Joyce Valenza – See Sally Research

TEDxPhilidelphiaED – Joyce Valenza demonstrates the evolution of library research and the importance of information literacy in 21st Century teaching.

As Promised

In the previous post “Brain Overload” I said I would share some new resources I had discovered.   The links are posted below as well as in the Teaching and Technology sidebar. Classroom 2.0 Free Technology for Teachers 12 Essentials for Technology Integration Google for Teachers Enjoy!


EduPunks Say School Yourself There are a lot of interesting points coming out in this article regarding the re-shaping of how education looks, is delivered, and is quantified.  I agree with some, other parts I have questions, other bits I don’t think I agree with. “Campbell notes businesses will be hungry for people who aren’t…

Brain on Overload

Wow, so I’ve been continuing my quest to integrate the digital world into my classroom and, well, I feel like I’ve opened a treasure chest and its contents has exploded; plastering itself into my brain like sticky mud on a finely tuned bicycle drive train…my thinking is stalled, overwhelmed with options…where once I didn’t know…