Zen-i-fy Your Presentation Style

If you’re interested in improving your presentation style watch the embedded slide deck and remember:
tell a story that will connect with your audience
use high quality images that are free to use and share
minimize your use of text

Amplifying Student Passion: An interview with two connected kids

This post is the the final project for An Introduction to 21st Century Teaching and Learning for my MEd at UPEI in Leadership and Learning. Introduction There is a constant concern as an educator and a parent as to whether or not we are managing the internet generation’s use of technology effectively. We are worried…

Blogger and Google Apps in the Classroom – Some examples

Why Blog? (the short version) How can a blog enhance and redefine learning? Blogging and other online applications can be used to create learning opportunities for students in which they are able to build autonomy, mastery, and purpose within the context of school and their lives.  Research has shown that when people are given these three opportunities (autonomy,…

A Glogster Adventure

I’ve decided to try out GlogsterEDU with my grade fives.   I chose the this particular application because I liked that it allows me to manage all the student accounts from mine, and I can watch their  progress.  I found it quite easy to get them all signed up.  They accessed GlogsterEDU from our class…