Presentation Zen

I created the above Presentation Zen for my fifth grade class as a reminder and re-introduction to the idea of RETHINK.  A concept that we are using to create digital stories about changing our consumption habits.
What I like most about Presentation Zen is that it is simple in concept, but when done correctly it can be a powerful accompaniment to your ideas that you are presenting.  I liked that it was less tedious to create.  Meaning I was required to enter and arrange little to no text, and I could focus on sending the message with an image(s) and a word or two.  I liked the idea that the presentation does not stand alone, but rather in order to fully experience it, you must both see the visual representation along with the speakers thoughts, comments and ideas.  I think Garr Reynolds says it best, “…if they are good slides, they may be of little use without you.”

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  1. Nice quote. I’m still finding myself reminding students again and again that they don’t need to write everything on the slide since you can say it, but instead just have keywords, and pictures to hook the listener. I really like the pictures you chose, especially the lorries reaching up to the moon. I’m guessing what you’d say with that one.

  2. Ronyii says:

    Hi I liked your Zen video short and straight to the point and great images used.

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