To the Climbing Gym

To the Climbing Gym.

Having checked out the 12 Essentials for Integrating technology posted by Free tech for teachers(both links are on the side bar), I did a little test run of animoto, a service that allows you to create presentations from your photos and video clips.  Easy, but not as quick as advertised.  It took a little while for the video to be rendered and sent to my email account, however that is my only minor complaint.

I literally thru together a bunch of photos from a field trip I did with my grade sixes, and voila! I have a cool little memento of the trip.  Check out the above link.

In terms of applications for teachers, we take a lot of photos at our school, so it would be easy for me to assign a photo essay type project as a HW assignment to sum up an activity, have them share it on our blog.  I’m sure with more thought I could come up with lots of other applications for it.

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